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Argument for Making Hemp Growth Legal Essay example -- Argumentative

Argument for Making Hemp Growth Legal There is vast history of hemp as an agricultural crop in the United States. The crop was grown extensively until its ban in 1937. Prior to the ban on hemp the plant was one of the biggest cash crops of the Southern United States. For instance in Kentucky hemp was the biggest cash crop up until 1915. In these southern states hemp was used as a rotation crop between tobacco crops as well as other crops. Thomas Jefferson even wrote in his own writings that, â€Å"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.† Jefferson's theories can offer thought on the hemp ban being lifted during World War II because the crop was needed for industrial products. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) produced a film called â€Å"Hemp for Victory† to promote farmers to grow hemp in order to supply a need for rope and clothing in 1942 for the war. The promotion of hemp led to 400,000 acres â€Å"grown† into production all over the United States proving that the crop is profitable to farmers. But, as soon as WWII ended hemp went back to the ban of 1937. The Marijuana Tax Act lead to any plant with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) outlawed to production. THC is the reason that hemp is no longer available to American farmers. The chemical THC in marijuana makes people â€Å"high† when it is smoked. The levels of THC in hemp are so minuet (one percent) that the plant can not be used as a hallucinogen. In order for a plant, such as marijuana, to work as a hallucinogen it must contain at the least four percent THC. When you hear the word hemp what is your first thought? If it is marijuana then you are mistaken. Hemp, the plant that is grown for agricultural and indu... 5.) Works Cited Alden, Dave M., Phillip W. Gay, and John R. Proops. "Industrial hemp's double dividend: a study for the USA." Ecologial Economics 25 (1998): 291-301. Bennett, Michael, and Randall T. Fortenbery. "Opportunities for Commercial Hemp Production." Review of Agricultural Economics 26 (n.d.): 97-117. Fryxell, Gerald E., Marinilka Kimbro, and Terri Mottershead. "The Boston Trading and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (HK): Hemp,." Asian Case Research Journal 5 (2001): 203-226. 3 Mar. 2004 78175>. Hemp and Marijuana: Myths & Realities. Comp. Dr. David P. West. Vers. 1. 1994. University of Madison. 3 Mar. 2005 . Hightower, Jim. "High on Hemp ." Humanist 64 (2004): 4-6.

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Village Life vs City Life

It is a firm belief on the part of people that there is a big difference between village life and city life. It is absolutely true that the life in a village and that in a city varies so much that the difference is glaring at times. In fact it can very well be said that people living in cities are different from people living in villages. It is normal feeling amongst us that city life is more enjoyable than village life. It is only an assumption. City life is endowed with a lot of advantages. This is because of the fact that there are a number of opportunities open to you in a city. City life is provided with a lot of facilities too. You would not find many facilities and opportunities in a village. Parents would be happy to send their children to cities for higher studies rather than to villages. Cities are endowed with quality higher education institutions whereas villages are not endowed with high quality colleges and universities. In addition to schools and colleges, city life is preferred for improved medical facilities. If someone falls ill in the family, you tend to take him or her to a popular hospital in a city since villages are not equipped with the best of medical attention. The number of hospitals in a city and the facilities are far more when compared to that in a village. A city has banks, cinema theaters, parks, golf courses, sports stadiums, clubs, hostels and shopping malls. The behavior of people in a city is different from that of the people in a village. People in a city are generally unfriendly and they maintain distant from others. The people in villages on the other hand are warm-hearted and friendly. Villagers receive you well where as city-dwellers tend to be within doors. People in villages are very helpful in nature whereas people living in cities tend to be more selfish in their attitude. A city is characterized by various kinds of pollution such as noise pollution, visual pollution and air pollution. This is due to that fact that there a number of factories, industries and mills in a city than in villages. Hence villages are endowed with pure air devoid of pollution. Visual and noise pollution are also less in villages. Since village life is calm and quiet and bereft of pollution of any kind, older people tend to settle down in villages after their retirement from service

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Educational Benefits of Increasing Diversity on College...

Debate on race becoming more heated many believe that precise action needs to be taken before the twenty-five year timeframe, especially with minority populations becoming larger in areas were racial issues still persist. It is safe to say that Grutter enumerated five basic questions that would determine whether race conscious admissions policies are constitutional. â€Å"(1) Whether the program offers a competitive review of all applications without quotas or separate tracts that isolate minorities, (2) Whether the program provides flexible, individualized consideration off applicants to ensure race is only one of several factors being considered, (3) Whether the institution considered workable race neutral alternatives to the program,†¦show more content†¦Critical Race Theory, a theory that recognizes that racism is endemic to American life, was utilized in studies in which groups chronicled experiences of discrimination, self-doubt and confusion while surviving hostile environments. Many students of color felt out of place in academic settings, often reporting different treatment from professors and advisors alike. African American and Latino/a felt that such homogenous campuses did not belong to them and that they were not fully accepted as students. These students also feel that they have to tolerate such environments. More dive rsity on campuses reverses such negative impacts. A â€Å"critical mass† of enrolled students of color would make prospective students feel that minorities are included more in campus life and academic achievement is recognized in a positive manner. Colleges and universitieswish to promote such a feeling of inclusivity and academic integration for all students, regardless of race or ethnicity. Many states wish to promote diversity without resorting to race conscious methods and attempted to reach this goal by banning affirmative action in their academic institutions and have instead implemented color blind policies that utilized different factors in their admissions policies. Opponents of affirmative action achieved through public referenda what they couldn’t through the Supreme Court, and the ban of affirmative action was accomplished through state mandates. By 2012, nineShow MoreRelatedImpact Of Diversity On Campus Impact On Academic And Social Effects1413 Words   |  6 Pages It is a common expectation nowadays at schools, colleges, and workplaces to be able to respect diversity, speak multi languages and communicate in a highly skilled manner. Humankind and society demand a successful intercultural communication to survive. Having the understanding of communication among people from different regions, languages, and cultures is critically important. For instance, 500 companies advocate that diversity is essential for the bottom line and came out with agreement to supportRead MoreDoes Joining A Minority Organization Affect The Social, Mental, And Psychological Being Of Minority Students On Predominantly928 Words   |  4 Pagespsychological being of minority students on predominantly white campuses? In today’s society, Predominately white institutions and campus climate can contribute and play a key role to the success and achievement of minority students. In the twenty-first century, African American (black) students will continue to enroll in predominantly white institutions (PWIs) at greater rates than black students enrolling at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs); yet, if this current trend continuesRead MoreObama s Plan And How It Would Evolve Over The Next Five Years1683 Words   |  7 PagesShe believes that all students should be able to obtain a public post-secondary education (Clinton on the Issues: College, 2016). The current truth is that â€Å"access and success in higher education continue to be stratified according to income†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Eckel King, 2004). With Clinton’s plan access would increase, and with that enrollment would increase. Increased enrollment at college campuses strikes as an initially positive thought; more s tudents can gain and education and contribute that education toRead MoreMartin Luther King And Rosa Parks : Achieving Racial Equality Essay1543 Words   |  7 PagesUnfortunately, the long-lasting presence of racial injustice has prevented our society from attaining full acceptance of diverse beliefs and eradication of racial segregation, which still exists today on a much less noticeable level, specifically on college campuses. Upon the request of one college’s African American students, the Halisi House was implemented at Cal State LA, which is a living and learning dormitory specifically designed for the school’s black community and it portrays the continual presenceRead More The Ineffectiveness of Affirmative Action in Establishing Diversity1394 Words   |  6 PagesEstablishing Diversity People generally agree that diversity is beneficial to college campuses. In 1978, in Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, the Supreme Court decided that race could be used as a factor in deciding college admissions - setting a precedent for the use of affirmative action (Lane A1). Justice Lewis Powell, who belonged to the majority opinion, cited diversity as the primary reason behind his decision. He acknowledged that there are educational benefits that flowRead MoreCollege Admissions Vs. Affirmative Action1536 Words   |  7 PagesCollege Admissions Race â€Å"Congratulations! You have been granted admissions to one of the most prestigious universities in the world and have been chosen from among hundreds of thousands of applicants to attend our university.† These are the sentences that every high school senior dreams of seeing, however, it has become a more difficult task as the college admissions process has become increasingly competitive. Complicating the admissions situation is the fact that most elite universities give extraRead MoreMoral Obligation has Taken Over the Civil Rights Movement1901 Words   |  8 PagesA continuation of civil rights movement is no longer important to campus –diversity, simply because of moral obligation or rights. Diversity efforts are important in towards 31st century because they are fundamental to the building blocks to excellence and quality. Diversity is not only black and white it is, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, religion and many more combi nations that make up a nation. (Williams Wade-Golden, 2008, p. B44). Higher education are attemptingRead MoreThe Industry Of Higher Education977 Words   |  4 Pagesteachers and mentors in educating the preceding generation of students. As our society continues evolving within this cycle, the importance and emphasis on receiving a college education has become more of a pressing matter. In society today, the importance of receiving a college education is engrained in the minds of society. A college education has become an essential key to success in obtaining substantial and well-paying jobs upon graduation. The industry of higher education itself is constantlyRead MoreSubstance Abuse And Addiction : Critical Health, Social And Economic Problems816 Words   |  4 PagesSTEM disciplines. UNE is the largest educator of health professionals in the region. Academic programs include Maine’s only medical school, only college of dental medicine, a College of Pharmacy, and a College of Health Professions that has nine allied health programs. A vibrant College of Arts and Sciences provides a foundation to collaborate across colleges and disciplines. The University has also integrated resources and designated a Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences (CEN). The CEN has overRead MoreAffirmative Action Should Be Banned1947 Words   |  8 Pagestransformation is because of affirmative action. Although there is a heated debate on whether college admission should only be based on students’ merits or minority races. be racial conscious. This debatable topic leads to a question that a ffirmative action should be banned or not. Affirmative action is necessary during the college admission process, because affirmative action is beneficial for the colleges to become more cultural and racial diverse and minorities can gain greater power in the society

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Memory and Brain Activity Essays - 2129 Words

Memory and Brain Activity Memory is the mental process of retaining and retrieving information such as facts, events, and experiences. Memory is not always accurate (Hunt, 2004). Memory errors are common and natural; they are the result of normal cognitive processes of comprehension and perception, which can cause interference about incoming information. There are two errors of remembering; forgetting an event that occurred and remember an event that never occurred or remembering it in a way different from how it occurred. Memories can be distorted, and one may have no awareness that the memory is distorted. This is false memory (Roediger, 2002). Prior Knowledges Effect on Memory False memories can be formed in many ways. Prior†¦show more content†¦The crime of stealing the purse was in fact committed by a man white man that was walking near the black man. This may because the woman has a racial bias to assume a black man is more likely to commit a crime than a white man is, so she may truly believe that she saw the black man commit the crime. Many studies have shown that collaboration causes an interference that produces more memories that are false but in a study but Ross, they concluded that collaboration has reduced the amount of false memories in both older and younger adults. Collaboration may cause more memories that are false because one may rely on others memories and those memories are of their perception of an event (Ross, 2008). A jury uses collaboration of evidence to determine a suspected criminals fate, collaboration may be a good or a bad thing when used in this context because the opinions of others influence ones own opinion and but in a positive note they can provide cues to help. It is possible to convince people that they have witnessed something that has not actually happened. Memories are not stored like still pictures, they are more like sketches that are transformed and added to whenever the memory is retrieved. Participants in a study that were presented false information about an event or scene tend to blend it into their memories, and they recall the false information as a part of the original memory. Loftus also didShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Training On Brain Training Essay1478 Words   |  6 Pagesrecent years brain training games have become a topic of interest among both researchers and common people alike. Researchers are interested in the healing properties of brain training while normal people are looking to brain training as a way to improve their performance and get a leg up on the competition in school, work, and life. Up until recently, it was believe d that the brain was unchangeable in terms of memory capacity. Researchers were well aware of the fact that the brain can change andRead MoreThe Effect Of Video Training On Brain Training Essay1521 Words   |  7 Pagesrecent years, brain training games have become a topic of interest among both researchers and common people alike. Researchers are interested in the healing properties of brain training while normal people are looking towards brain training as a way to improve their performance and get a leg up on the competition in school, work, and life. Up until recently, it was believed that the brain was unchangeable in terms of memory capacity. Researchers were well aware of the fact that the brain is capableRead MoreThe Loss Of Second Language1640 Words   |  7 Pagesworking day for the caregivers. Prevention of symptoms of Alzheimer’s Diseases, Memory Loss The results of various researches for the prevention of cognitive impairment and memory loss such as Alzheimer s disease marked range of considerable lifestyle. For instance, as it is posted on Indian Journal of psychiatry (Jan-Mar 2009), epidemiological studies suggest that diet, physical exercise, and mental activity reduce the risk of cognitive impairment. Other life style such as sleep pattern,Read MoreHow Exercise Is Improved By Executing Aerobic Exercise1356 Words   |  6 Pagesrecent idea is that exercise is associated with increased cognitive performance (Hogan, Mata, Carstensen, 2013). Different aspects of exercise and memory have been studied. One study showed that running had a positive effect on vocabulary learning (Griffin, Mullally, Foley, Warmington, O Mara, Kelly, 2011). Another illustrated how working memory is improved by executing aerobic exercise (Quelhas Martins , Kavussanu , Willoughby , Ring , 2013). Cognitive performance on the Stroop test was alsoRead MoreQuestions On Writing A Sharp Memory Essay967 Words   |  4 Pages7 Tips To Develop A Sharp Memory By Raman Kuppuswamy | Submitted On September 10, 2015 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook 1 Share this article on Twitter 1 Share this article on Google+ 1 Share this article on Linkedin 1 Share this article on StumbleUpon 1 Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg 1 Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Raman Kuppuswamy If you want to succeed in life, you mustRead MoreBrain Training970 Words   |  4 Pages-- it also applies to the neural pathways and connections in our brains. There are a variety of exercises and activities that can successfully work each of the brain’s five major cognitive functions on a daily basis. In addition to the tasks you can perform daily, you can also train your brain with HAPPYneuron online brain games and a personalized brain fitness program. Our minds consist of five main cognitive functions: †¢ memory, †¢ attention, †¢ language, †¢ visual-spatial skills, †¢ and executiveRead MoreA Study On Anterograde Amnesia822 Words   |  4 Pagesform lasting memories after some disturbance to the brain, such as a brain injury or degenerative brain disease. The revelation of the H.M. case was the identification of the medial temporal lobes as memory consolidation and storage centers. Within the medial temporal lobes, the hippocampus has been identified specifically as a brain area involved in learning new information (Gluck, 2014). To put it another way, people with damage to the hippocampus will have difficulty forming new memories because theyRead MoreThe Effects Of Physical Exercise On Brain Health1572 Words   |  7 PagesPhysical Exercise on Brain Health Physical exercise does not only promote physical appearance and the body’s health, it also promotes brain health. The brain is a dynamic organ that replaces and repairs neurons throughout life. When people engage in exercise, rarely do they think about the potential affects it has on their brain. People that work out utilize various amounts of motor skills that have been acquired gradually through practice. Those utilized motor skills elicit the brains cognitive processesRead MoreCritically Evaluate the role of Neural Structures in Subserving a Specific Psychological Function.1259 Words   |  6 PagesThe brain can be considered the most complex organ in the body and the centrepiece of the nervous system. Although the brain works as a unified whole, neuroscientists have identified areas within it that perform specific functions. This makes the brain interconnected by three different layers: the central core, the limbic system, and the cerebral cortex. All of which contain str uctures that regulate everyday life and psychological function. Memory refers to the persistence of learning in a stateRead MoreCaffeine Essay867 Words   |  4 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Did you know that chocolate can help you memorize better? Chocolate can improve your memory because of a drug called caffeine. Caffeine is contained in many different kinds of foods and drinks like coffee, chocolate and tea. It is a legal drug that consumed worldwide. Its function is to stimulate the central nervous system associated with brain function that affects mental performance especially alertness, attention and concentration. Theobromine is an active ingredient of chocolate that is

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Carl Rogers Neal Miller and Kurt Lewin Free Essays

In history, there were many successful psychologists who have made large contributions to the world of psychology. Many of which who are alive, and dead. Three of the most important psychologists are Carl Rogers, Neal Miller, and Kurt Lewin; all in which made a contribution to psychology somehow or another. We will write a custom essay sample on Carl Rogers Neal Miller and Kurt Lewin or any similar topic only for you Order Now Carl Ransom Rogers was an influential American psychologist and among the founders of the humanistic approach to psychology. Rogers was widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research and was honored for his pioneering research with the Distinguished Scientific Contributions by the American Psychological Association in 1956. His theory, as of 1951, was based on nineteen propositions; here are a few to give an idea of the basis of them all: All individuals exist in a continually changing world of experience of which they are the center. A portion of the total perceptual field gradually becomes differentiated as the self, and emotion accompanies and in general facilitates, such goal directed behavior, the kind of emotion being related to the perceived significance of the behavior for the maintenance and enhancement of the organism. All these have to do with the emotions and personality of a person, and how the brain works at perceiving the emotions as well. With the regard to development, Rogers described principles rather than stages. The main issue is the development of a self concept and the progress from an undifferentiated self to being fully differentiated, for instance, self concept. It means gestalt which is available to awareness though not necessarily in awareness. It is a fluid and changing gestalt, a process, but at any given moment it is a specific entity. Rogers took the aspects of how a person perceives their emotions by doing multiple studies, and tests to diagnos their emotional status. How to cite Carl Rogers Neal Miller and Kurt Lewin, Essay examples

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A Business Combination

Question: What is A business combination? Explain. Answer: A business combination can be defined as an event or transaction or event in which an entity or business acquires control over another entity or business. This method is a quicker way for organizations to expand and grow rather than other methods such as organic growth. (Alfredson, 2005) Preceding the presentation of IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements, control was acknowledged once an acquirer held more than half of the shares in the acquiree. Shortly under IFRS 10, we ought to explore paying little respect to whether the acquirer could control the business of an acquiree paying little mind to the way that it doesn't have the full half or more. This could happen say if an association guaranteed 47% of the shares in the acquiree, and the remaining shareholders were all individuals with little property. In case they expected to aggregate together to control the acquiree, it would require them a considerable measure of effort, which basically wouldn't be practical. So in this event we acknowledge the association with 47% of the shares has control over the acquiree. In the most simple way, all transactions in which a company or entity obtains control over another company or business. IFRS 3 standard deals with such process and procedures. The most common way of business combination is through a purchase transaction. Other ways of obtaining control incluse: By executing a binding contract. By an action taken by the company to be acquired In case of multiple companies merging to form a single company By not exchanging any sort of transaction (Detzen et al., 2013) Each transaction in which control is acquired by one entity over another entity can be called business acquisition. Control can be defined as significant influence over entitys decision making process rather than the amount of holding in the entity : It is clear generally speaking to make sense of if a social occasion of got assets and expected liabilities (i.e., an organized course of action of activities and assets) is a business. In any case, this determination can be jumbled in some events, including when the sensible estimation of the picked up social affair is pressed in one and only or a few advantages, or when the acquired pack conveys beside zero pay. A picked up cluster must have inputs and methods that make it prepared for making a landing or money related favorable position for the acquirer's monetary pros to be seen as a business [ASC 805-10-55-4; IFRS 3.B7]. Financial points of interest can happen in various structures, for instance, benefits, capital appreciation, or cost diminishes. (Harrison and Horngren, 2001) Right when a business procures another business, the business combination must be spoken to by applying the 'securing technique' of accounting. One social event in the trade is the "acquirer" and the substance that is being secured is the 'acquiree'. At the acquisition date all the assets and liabilities of the company acquired are measured at fair value at that time. The amount of assets and liabilities not attributable to the acquirer wll be attributed as non-controlling interest and will be represented in the equity section . Goodwill is defined as intangible asset that arises in the event of business acquisition. The value of goodwill is basically the premium paid over the net assets of the company being acquired. Companys customer list, good human resources, brand and market image, represents Companys goodwill. Goodwill be accounted in accordance with IAS 38: Intangible Assets. In simplest terms goodwill arises in the case where the acquirer pays for acquire more than the acquirers book value. However it should be noted that since the components of goodwill are subjective, there is a risk that company may attempt to overvalue it. (Mazhambe, 2014) Goodwill can be seen in full even where control is under 100%. Preceding the alterations to IFRS 3, the IFRS communicated that on securing, goodwill should simply be seen with respect to the part of the auxiliary undertaking that is inferable from the interest held by the guardian. This is still an option in IFRS 3 however now goodwill can be seen in full which now suggests that the non-controlling interest (definitely known as 'minority interest') will be measured at sensible regard and be consolidated inside goodwill. As of now trade costs associated with a business combination (for occurrence legal charges and accounting costs for due tirelessness work) were advanced close by the cost of the getting thusly molding part of the goodwill estimation. The IASB have assumed that these sorts of expense ought to now be expensed as these costs are not part of the sensible quality exchange between the buyer and merchant of the business. That is to say, thusly, that in the year of getting, the acquirer's compensation clarification will show fundamentally higher legal and master costs. In any case, this diminishing in advantages should be surpassed in future years in light of the way that the yearly shortcoming test on the goodwill will be established on a decreased starting equality. (Meigs, Mosich and Meigs, 1975) Where the guardian gets a couple, or most of, the non-controlling enthusiasm for an auxiliary, this should be managed as a treasury offer sort trade and subsequently should be spoken to as a worth trade. There is an illustration abstract, IFRIC 11 'IFRS 2: Group and Treasury Share Transactions' which provides guidance here. IFRS requires that parent entity to disclose in its financial statements, all the financial information that will enable the users of the financial statements to evaluate the changes and adjustments in the financial statements and their impact, required to account for the business combination that relate to current or previous periods. This disclosure includes: Details regarding assets, liabilities and other components of financial statements at the date of acquisition. Follow up information regarding any contingent consideration Reconciliation of the goodwill measured at the start of period and current value of goodwill. Information regarding profit and loss of the acquired company. References Alfredson, K. (2005).Applying international accounting standards. Milton, Qld: Wiley Sons Australia. Carlin, T. and Finch, N. (2008).Advance Australia fair. [North Ryde, N.S.W.: Macquarie University, Graduate School of Management]. Detzen, D., ZuÃÅ'ˆlch, H., ZuÃÅ'ˆlch, H. and Wulf, T. (2013).Conceptual and historical underpinnings of accounting. Dresden: Saechsische Landesbibliothek- Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Dresden. Di Pietra, R., McLeay, S. and Ronen, J. (n.d.).Accounting and regulation. Harrison, W. and Horngren, C. (2001).Financial accounting. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Hirschey, M., John, K. and Makhija, A. (2004).Corporate governance. Amsterdam: Elsevier JAI. Kimmel, P., Weygandt, J. and Kieso, D. (2007).Financial accounting. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley. Mallin, C. (2004).Corporate governance. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Mazhambe, Z. (2014).The Compromise of IASB's Conceptual Framework And IFRSs. SaarbruÃÅ'ˆcken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Meigs, W., Mosich, A. and Meigs, R. (1975).Financial accounting. New York: McGraw-Hill. Monks, R. and Minow, N. (2004).Corporate governance. Malden, Mass.: Blackwell Pub. Perkins, S. (1996).AASB accounting standards handbook. North Ryde, N.S.W.: CCH Australia. Sheikh, S. and Rees, W. (1995).Corporate governance corporate control. London: Cavendish. Stevenson, K. (2012). The Changing IASB and AASB Relationship.Australian Accounting Review, 22(3), pp.239-243.