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Industrial Chemicals Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mechanical Chemicals Company - Essay Example Additionally if the organization ought to extend its current business it ought to bring out new and differed items in the market. This is conceivable just through R&D. The R&D group of ICC continues leading exploration to present new items in the market. Research and development is additionally required in the organization to deliver synthetic compounds with less expense so as to snatch more markets. The R&D group in the bioprocess improvement delivers the items that are utilized in the field of biotechnology. It additionally works in a unit that creates vehicles for the exchange of pharmaceutical items. The natural gathering of the R&D is effectively associated with the advancement of pharmaceutical items. The essential technique of the organization is the creation of synthetic compounds and related items. So as to keep up better piece of the pie later on the organization ought to acquaint better items agreeing with the adjustment in the market pattern and necessitie s. (Q.2) Would working unit control of our key R&D development programs improve or alleviate our odds of meeting our objectives That is ought to R&D be sorted out as cost SBUs inside every one of the working units What sum and kind of R&D, if any whatsoever, ought to be done at the corporate level SBU is additionally called Strategic Business Unit. ... ICC should make R&D a key specialty unit as R&D is the center achievement factor of the organization. On the off chance that this is presented as a particular action ICC can improve the benefit at a disturbing rate. It is seen that at the corporate level a commercialization bunch works to give arrangements on commercializing the new creation. The new creation based items are the real main thrust of ICC. Along these lines a corporate group of senior officials must be shaped so as to screen its exercises. (Q.3) I know there'll be strain to level off our R&D spending over the organization, including corporate R&D. We must ensure we get more for our cash as far as organizing those endeavors to pursue the most encouraging business openings in case we will accomplish our objectives in biotechnology! How might we be certain we're organizing these endeavors toward expanded business achievement That is, how would we assess the viability of both the R&D cost SBUs in the working units and corporate-level R&D The organization can be certain that it is organizing the biotechnology area for business extension on the off chance that it focuses on the R&D action in biotechnology. Minor research isn't sufficient for the organization. The looked into and created items and innovation must be popularized for money related possibilities of the organization. Particularly the biotechnology area is the place as good as ever improvements are required as far as the market situation. At the point when the organization can patent any item created by them the benefits will extensively increment. The examination group ought to must be made increasingly specific for the action. (Q.4) How does the way that ICC works in a few unique nations influence the

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Developing Of Evidence Based Practice Project

The nursing calling as per American Academy of Nurse Practitioners uncovers a harmoniously common connection between the quantity of medical caretakers to that of patients and comparable relationship refered to in the quantity of hour’s nurses’ practice. By and large the issue is one of human asset the executives against a foundation of yield for this situation patients’ result. As it were the issue lies in the relationship between nurture staffing and patients’ result. Lower enlistment of medical attendants staffing can straightforwardly be credited to bring down paces of patients’ result. Result here alludes to the patients’ response to clinical consideration offered by nurses.â The issue essentially spins around poor working conditions for nurses.â These issues shift from long extra time hours, a discourteously enormous number of patients to nurture proportions prompting work overloads.â The scholastic degree of the medical caretakers also presents direct effect on the out happen to patients. The individual and expert interests recognizable in this issue incorporate the conveyance of attendant abilities and experience.â A direct cooperative relationship exists between the expert aptitudes of attendants and the patient reaction to clinical attention.â The more talented the medical attendants the more positive or attractive the patients react to clinical consideration and care. Other than the aptitudes of the attendant, experience positioned as a high factor in deciding the patient reaction to clinical care.â The scholastic capability is additionally an individual and expert issue that postures direct criticalness to the issue in question.â As said before, the more prepared one is scholastically in the nursing calling decides the result of patients directly.â Finally in the issue of expert and individual issues influencing the training issue is the extent or impermanent and full-time nurture hours. An immediate relationship exists between the full-time and worldly attendant hours.â This is the issue of work security.â The fleeting hour nurture being without Job security has direct effect on the patient outcome.â as it were, a medical attendant without security of occupation will have a lower pace of patient outcome.â On the other hand a full-time nurture stands a superior chance to consider the two his/her patients and the idea of their difficulties. The standard suggestions for the training rules incorporate expanding attendant staffing in hospitals.â Location of circumspect number of hours to the attendants to empower them think of a recommendable patient outcome.â Recognize different elements that can influence the result of interests’ particularly clinical based care.â Other rules incorporate the state of other projects.â Potential zones of study could change from clinical consideration persistent qualities and association of nursing units just as staff.â Patient levels investigation should arrange better control matters, for example, co-grimness. Recommendable to as a rule is the appropriation of various leveled models that could control both nursing and institutional degree of effects.â The rules ought to likewise consider contemplates which for all intents and purposes and observationally addresses a particular medical attendant staffing policies.â The investigation ought to likewise incorporate the consistency of the relationship between nurture staffing understanding result and financial results. Taking everything into account the issue of attendants staffing has a few elements of approach all of which can prompt better patient outcomes.â The issue spins around the quantity of hours, the length of a working day for a medical attendant, ability level, scholastic capability and perpetual quality of the contract.â The answer for this issue must be found in acceptable practices in human asset organization in clinical circles.â A fitting number of working hours and an impressive number of patients per each attendant for good patient results. Reference Kane, R., Shamliyan, T., Mueller, C., Duval, S., and Wilt, T. (2007).Evidence Report/Technology Assessment. Minnesota. Minnesota Evidence-based Practice Center.                       Â

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Urbanization Trends In American Cities - Free Essay Example

Abstract Americaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s largest population dwells in town. Intermediate cities are regarded as places that promise sustainability in urban growth. This paper looks at recent urbanization trends in American cities. Privatization of urban planning is challenged by sustainable urbanization. Governmental harmonization lacks in the housing market along with urban growth thus has put stress on natural resources and livability of cities. It is suggested that the housing market ought to be made more striking in order to manage urban growth and prevent a saturate of novel luxurious middle-class homes in the margin. The objective of this question is to examine the reasons as to why people migrate to cities in the United States. This knowledge is used to deal with issues of importance to the Nation, such as quality-of-life, flora and fauna, environmental integrity, water quality and mass concerns, resource accessibility, exposure to natural hazards, atmosphere and terrain value, and ease of access to scientific information. Good record keeping and data generation, and good physical planning are made an integral part of the solution to growth of other urban towns. Introduction United States was predominately rural. In the 19th and 20th centuries, industrial revolution brought about urbanization thus transformed urban life and gave individuals higher expectation to improving their standards of living. . Development of streetcars, trolleys, and railroads enabled city boundaries to expand. Technological innovations in transportation and housing construction, increased number of jobs, and encouraged migration to cities. Urbanization is a process that refers to the change in a country when its rural population migrates to urban areas; the rate at which, the proportion of a region living in towns and cities is growing. Moving in U.S is brought about by issues like employment, shelter, water, social welfare, sewage, political machines, hygiene, role of government, etc. In the United States, even the rural population is urbanized since farmers are more efficient in buying manufactured goods and producing a surplus of materials for selling and a variety of essentially urban services. Urbanization is explained in terms of either à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"push factorsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢- conditions in the place of origin which migrants see as detrimental to their well-being or economic security (high unemployment, political persecution), and à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"pull factorsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢- state of affairs in new places that magnetize individuals to move there (job opportunities, good climate). Urbanization cannot be stopped for it exists and will continue to grow. Literature review The 2005 Revision of World Urbanization Prospects says that the world is expected to continue to urbanize as 60 per cent of the universal population is projected to live in cities by 2030. Urban dwellers increase in number gives the best sign of the scale of these exceptional trends: city populace augmented from 220 million in 1900 to 732 million in 1950, and is projected to reach 3.2 billion in 2005. Brugmann says that more than half of the world now lives in cities. A sustainable future for cities and nations can be achieved by using natural advantages of urban areas with an eye toward how corporate and individualsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ use and misuse advantages. Globalization and urbanization are connected in that, slums are vibrant and well running economic hubs (David, 2009). Urbanization is a process in which increasing populations of an entire population live in cities and suburbs of cities. In the United States, about 6% of the population lived in cities in 1800, but about 55% of the population lived in cities by 1930. US was urbanizing throughout the 20th century. Research methodology In this section of the research we look at the suggested methods of carrying out the research. This describes and justifies the analysis, and the interpretation of the results. This section also elaborates the sampling, design methods used, nature of the data collected, analysis made on the data and the interpretations and conclusion made. In this search on urbanization-what brings people to cities: various research methods were employed in carrying out the exercise to arrive at a more productive and informative search. One of the methods used in the study is the use of secondary data. However, this information was collected from the recent researches carried out by different interested parties. The other very vital data collection method was from the census information collected and compiled by the State agency responsible with the national statistics and enumeration commission (Beall Sean, 2009). At this stage of data collection it is worth noting that for full and more accurate information to be collected, a proper research design has to be put in place to enable researchersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ access more information and data as they may need. Data that was collected from the secondary sources was both qualitative (in word or text) and quantitative (numbers and statistics). This data was collected from different sources and at different time. This information was collected through the commonly used primary methods like the questionnaires that were distributed to the people to answer some questions on some particular issues of their concern and the use of interviews that were carried out among the authorities. Observations were also made on the current situation that the women were facing. When checked for accuracy and reliability of the findings, it was found out that the information would stand the test of time as it was reliable and valid. If another research was to be conducted on the same issue, the same results would be obtained. Sampling error was way below the expected minimum threshold and that if triangulation was also carried out; it could be found out that the data collected was accurate and timely (Beall Sean, 2009). After data has been collected it is analyzed, represented and discussed before arriving at the conclusion on the subject matter. Data can however be analyzed in different ways and represented in different forms like diagrammatic forms like the charts, tables and graphs. This analysis can be done in two different form either qualitative data analysis or the quantitative data analysis. These data need to be analyzed in order to obtain information that is usable and useful to the end users. This information irrespective of whether the data was qualitative or quantitative will describe and summarize the data. This information would later be used to forecast outcomes as well as comparing the variables. Diagrammatic representation is considered the best among the other form of representation s as pie charts would be used to represent the number of people who have migrated to cities. Graphs can also be used to compare the current information and the past that was retrieved from the secondary sources. After the results have been found and analyzed, it should be written in a particular format and stored for future reference. This can be done by having all the data arranged in the themes and categories for future reference. When you have the information present it clearly and logically and should have relevance in your research question. Discussion Agriculture and Policies People in the United States live in cities and large metro areas. Cities rather than states increasingly drive national economies. Agricultural products (flowers, coffee), and primary-sector goods (minerals, timber) become natural resource assets that can be traded to strengthen the general economy. Free market economics pursues economic effectiveness to deliver goods at the lowest price possible whereas government intervention diminishes this efficiency by eliminating farm programs such as farm subsidies, cheap credit policies, etc. which is intended to help the farmer, and maintain stable prices. A scenario like this leaves farmers shouldering the burden of farming leaving them with no other alternative other than to sell the land to foreign investors or domestic-owned enterprises, and move to the city, where he hopes for a better life. Congressional maps became more metro and less agrarian, meaning that the interests of metropolitan areas increasingly dominated national policy debates. A budget deficit spurs on economic activity in a time where activity is tremendously slow (Kenneth, 1997). In cities, things like traffic, cost of construction, and green policies begin to matter more to a states overall competitiveness than ever before. The strategy is maintaining urban food prices below market levels to reduce the cost of urban labor and urban life. These policies have made city life more attractive and hence have pulled people from other urban areas. Inadequate compensation of rural producers for the costs incurred to produce food products has aggravated rural poverty. Good infrastructure will mean that there will be no congestion in traffic, easy access to industries, reduced number of accidents, and thus individuals take a short time to get to their work places. Nowadays, trains are the dominant mode of transportation throughout the country. Industrialization on the other hand, gained prominence thus creating a national economy. A fast growing industrial nation was fueled by the natural resources from all parts of the country. Legal Firms Most of the Americans move to Washington, DC the capital of the nation, government dominates the city thus there is a huge legal market; large business; and multitude of institutions, museums, cultural activities, and hot spots in the city. Living in DC means that one is an hour away from the mountains, three hours from the ocean, and the beautiful Potomac River and Rock Creek Park for lovers of nature. A cross-section of society: lawyers, government employees, the homeless, business people, college students, and famous Hollywood actors are found occasionally on the streets. DC has a large population due to its vast availability of resources that enable people to improve their living standards. Job opportunities are also high as compared to other states (David, 2009). Delaware is the second smallest state, but has elegant beaches such as Bethany, Rehoboth, and Dewey are tourist attraction sites. Rehoboth beach has been transformed to a refined, cosmopolitan town which has enabled people to migrate to it as it has valleys like Brandywine which have blooming gardens, tranquil creeks, and mansions like Nemours, Kennett Square, home of the magnificent Longwood Gardens, and decorative arts and landscape. The legal community and the financial services industry are prevalent. Socio-economic changes and Industries Socio-economic changes affecting urban areas involving geographical mobility is enjoyed by the elderly middle-class society segment since they can transfer payments, such as Social Security, leasing or venture money, and corporation pensions away from their communities and splurge it elsewhere. People with helpful skills (service sector of the economy) also enjoy the liberty to move to more enviable places to reside. Areas with natural facilities, such as picturesque vistas, mild winters, and water-related leisure activities, attract countless people (Howard, Judith Peter, 2009). Spatial employment distribution has changed over recent decades. Environs primarily became retail centers. Over time, manufacturing- in terms of production and management-has grown rapidly in uptown and exurban areas. Industries in these areas are characteristically described as being light- are located near hauling or information-based admission points, which are near study facilities and /or main universities or high-tech- led by Microsoft are located in areas with abundant natural amenities. Industry management has left the metropolis center in favor of à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“shared campusesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬?- positioned near freeway interchanges or main airports. Housing and Business opportunities The aspiration for and cost of new housing are factors motivating the spread out and expansion around metropolitan regions. On the periphery of municipal regions, cost of land for new housing construction was less expensive. People who desired new housing to lived farther out from the urban core due to increased suburbanization of employment hence maintaining related commuting patterns of the environs to metropolitan center (Kenneth, 1997). Strict land use regulations in many suburban countries affected housing costs by limiting areas available for development. Las Vegas is well known for its artesian wells. It is a regional center for push and pulling out activities. The Federal Government spurred development as a result of the erection of Hoover block and Nellis Air Base. Gambling is legal, electricity is cheap, and its propinquity to southern Californiaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s growing population fostered a ritzy resort economy. There is an increment in gaming, air, and auto access. Corporate ownership of casinos propelled the capital into a world-class amusement center. Women and Economy Todayà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s women migrate from south to north for work as nannies, domestics, or sex workers. They participate in two sets of dynamic configuration; the global city and survival circuits. There activities implicated in management and coordination of the global economy has expanded, producing a sharp growth in the demand for highly paid professionals. Global cities have turned out to be places where large numbers of underpaid women and immigrants are integrated into strategic economic sectors. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota has a diversified economy and perceived opportunities which continues to attract new residents. Glacial lakes attract development because of their desired natural amenity. A progressive metropolitan farmland protection program vulnerable to voluntary, short-term enrollments was established. Orlando is the trade center to a citrus-dominated agricultural region, construction f the missile/space facility at nearby Cape Canaveral, and the arrival of associated aerospace companies (Patricia Russ, 2008). Houston, Texas a city of big plans and no rules, humidity demands for an ice-cold martini and the biggest liquor store on the planet is found there. Houston is known for its aerospace, its metro area leads the state in employment growth as it has technology and medical companies, its living costs stand well under the general average, prices of housing are half those of other metro areas, and energy capital of the U.S. Its upgrading includes a stretched out convention center, a new arena, a spiffed-up Main boulevard, and a light-rail scheme. This has attracted Fortune 500 companies, couples, and empty nesters. Energy and Habits Elevated energy prices (gasoline) as well as heating oil and ordinary gas-could be the power that brings the ideas of urban planners to conclusion: a greener, more sustainable culture. High energy prices mean more U.S. cities join those ranks, growing thicker with inhabitants, shops, and workers. Gas prices will really take the gleam off the isolated environs. Experts are predicting that city homes could increase charge for being less pricey to heat and cool, their closeness to mass transportation, shops, and employers. The Washington metro area has a lower than average rate of plumpness, low smoking rate, and an average number of persons consuming fruits and vegetables (Patricia Russ, 2008). Recreational community centers and other places are well-endowed. Affluent Boston on the other hand, has a lower smoking rate and state-mandated fitness cover. Economic power used to denote the control of immense human and material possessions, but today it implies the capability to direct the route of skill and a few leaders of important open source projects. Cities provide an audience and a funnel for peers. In something like math or physics, audience does not matters except peers, and judging capacity is amply basic that hiring and admissions committees can do it reliably. In arts or writing or technology fields the larger surroundings matters. It helps to be in a great city: you need the encouragement of sentiments that people around you mind the kind of exertion you do, you have to find peers for yourself, and you need the much larger intake device of a great city (Brugmann, 2005). Conclusion This whole process has been challenging since in some cities people were not co-operating with me for fear of giving out personal information that can land them into trouble. The process involved traveling to various cities, interacting with people of different cultures and backgrounds. United States is one big nation hosting many people who have come from as far as Africa in search of livelihood. Majority of United States residents donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t like the idea of staying in one state for a long period of time thus move to other cities. Others move because they want fame while others are in search of their loved ones. My feelingsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ concerning the subject is well rooted on the personà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s reason for moving. As much as I enjoyed this research am well satisfied with the work done for not only did I get to learn a few new things concerning our nation, but also I answered the question. Research will be conducted on a regular basis since time brings about a lot of changes that affect the movement of people and the population at large. The literature in this case is not wrong as it has answered all the questions that arose during my research. My only question that I did not get an answer to was why people are moving to other cities instead of working to achieve what they lack in their own town for it is not a guarantee that they will get all that they need in that new town. Also, they should be aware of the fact that with time that new place will also encounter its own problems. It means that they will have to move again to another town.

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The Life of Alexander the Great - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1152 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/04/16 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Alexander The Great Essay Did you like this example? If I had to describe the physical appearance , I would have to imagine him as having curly and dark blonde hair, a projected forehead, an extended chin, reddish skin that glistened in the sun with eyes that gave an intense gaze, and off course a highly buffed stature. (Matthew, 2014). This historic figure was not only known for his handsomely distinctive looks but he was also one of the many icons that made tremendous contributions during their time.(Hellenistic age). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Life of Alexander the Great" essay for you Create order This paper will explore the heroic life of Alexander the great, more specifically, his artistic, political, and religious influences during the Hellenic age. On July 20th 356 BCE, Olympia, the, the daughter of King Neoptolemus and King Philip the second gave birth to Alexander the great in the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia.( Alexander had one sister and he was the only boy. ( One would think that because he was his fathers only son, they would have had a great father son relationship. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In fact, because his father was never around, he spent only a little time with him and this lead Alexander to go through his teenage years learning to resent his father. ( Later in his life, Alexander encountered a dreadful time when his father remarried to Cleopatra and forced Alexander and his mother to leave the kingdom because of difficulties between him and his father. Nevertheless, once his father died, he made it his duty to be heir to the throne and he did anything that was necessary for this happen.(Matthew,2014). Additionally, during the earlier part of his education, his teacher was his uncle Leonidas of Epirus, and he was homeschooled.(Khanacademy). He was taught the basic life skills during that age. He learned math, hourseship, and archery. Because Alexander was such a rebellious student, he made it almost impossible for his teachers to successfully taught him. His parents finally decided to get him tutors to ensure that he was learning effectively but the only way his tutors made progress was if they used role-play because at that age he was not interested in learning.( His final teacher was Aristotle, who taught him theology, poetry, science, politics, and drama for about three or more years. (Matthew,2014). After finishing his education, he became a soldier while he was only a teenager.(Khan academy). Moreover, although Alexander the great was only a young boy, his first military encounter was when he fought and defeated the Thracian tribes. ( Alongside his father, they both could conquer Anthian and Theban armies.(Khan academy).He eventually defeated the persuasions and was crowned King of Babylon and Asia. ( After defeating Egypt, Alexander manifested one of his greatest accomplishments, which was discovering the city of Alexandria. One of Alexandrias most prized possessions is its Museum, which housed the citys library. (Matthew, 2014). Alexanders influences shaped art to be more exotic, theatrical, and lively. (Matthew, 2014). Hellenistic art used influences from the Hellenic age and incorporated its own flavor and style. (Matthews,2014). Some examples include, Aphrodite who posed naked reflecting sensuality, Hermes and Dionysos, the bronze statue of Eros which depicted the power of bronze to capture life. (Matthew,2014).he dying Gaul that symboli zed theatrical and anatomical features portrayed with exaggerated depth. (Matthew, 2014). In art, Alexanders influence did not end in the Hellenistic age. In fact, when comparing Roman sculptures to sculptures during the Hellenistic age, similar traits stand out. For example, the way the clothing on the sculptures are usually in a draped like fashion. (Matthews, 2014). Alexander and his army made several passages across the North Eastern world, which allowed opened avenues to commerce and trade between Asia and Europe. (Matthew, 2014). Alexander and his army made many voyages throughout the world, spreading his legacy at each stop. The spreading of his empire also opened many doors to his influential powers concerning Greek artistic styles and the way art was viewed. ( He influenced the spread one common language while on his journey and that was Greek. (Matthew,2014). His legacy even created a stable environment which expelled the fear of attacks from other regions and this allowed the free flow of trade and commerce. ( As the trade, business became more demanding in places like the Mediterranean, more small cities had to be built to expand the business. (Matthew,2014). Further, the death of Alexander in 323BCE, gave rise to the start of the Hellenistic period. (Matthew,2014). Sadly, his death was as a result of a bad case of malaria at the age 32. (Matthew, 2014). Although his sudden death was unfortunate, while he was alive, he began to create an impacting legacy in such a short time. Nevertheless, his death seemed to have had an equally great influence on Hellenistic art and its culture. Not only was he culturally influential, but he made a political and religious impact as well. Greek language spreads to many lands, the language of the New Testament and Septuagint. (Matthew, 2014). Even after Alexanders death, Hellenistic Kingship in parts of Eastern Greek continued to reign as the dominant political form of government. (Matthew, 2014). He also brought monarchy to the Greco-Roman World. (Matthew, 2014). To add, following his death, Alexanders successors divided the empire into kingdoms of their own. (Matthew, 2014). These included The Ptolemies in Egypt, the Seleucids in the East and the Antigonids in Macedonia. ( (Matthew, 2014). These kingdoms continued to grow and divided into even smaller kingdoms. What allowed these kingdoms to flourish was the fact that they continued to rule politically in the same form that Alexander did. The Hellenistic period eventually ended when the last standing kingdom which was the Ptolemies fell to Rome. (Matthew, 2014). Despite its fall, during the Roman period while Augustus reigned as emperor, the Hellenistic tradition continued to govern roman arts influenced by the Hellenistic tradition.( In conclusion, although Alexanders life was short lived, he was still known as the great because of his many influential duties that he carried out. What is amazing about his life is the fact that he began life in the military when he was only a teenage boy, and he continued in his victories until his death. His great impact to the Hellenistic age allowed the culture to strongly progress on its own by adding a diversely cultural environment. Alexanders artistic, political, and religious influences all contributed to his long-lived legacy beyond his death. To sum it all up, Alexanders main and greatest impact on art and other aspects was that he heavily influenced western civilization and created what is now studied today as the Hellenistic culture. References Alexander the Great. (n.d.). Retrieved from Matthews, R. T., Noble, T. F., Platt, F. D. (2014). Experience humanities. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.(n.d.). Retrieved from

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Disillusionment and Rebellion in Modernism - 1502 Words

â€Å"The importance of Modernism was in its ability to unite the masses by illuminating common feelings of disillusionment and rebellion through artistic forms.† Argue with reference to two poems of T.S Eliot and one additional text of you choosing. Rebellion and Disillusionment were fundamental feelings expressed by Western society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They came about as a result of a myriad of factors including; industrialisation, urbanisation, technological advances, militaristic tension and eventually World War I. The importance of the Modernist movement, which occurred at that time, was its successful unity of society through its illumination of the feelings of disillusionment and rebellion. This illumination and†¦show more content†¦In The Waste Land, however, Eliot states that â€Å"April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land† an almost diametrically opposed claim to that of Chaucer. This act brazenly defies traditional romantic ideology, something that was happening frequently in Western society at the time of writing as a reaction of the horrors of World War I. Additionally, Eliot uses flowers throughout the poem to convey the sense of disillusionment apparent in society at the time. Initially he refers to hyacinths and Lilacs, very beautiful plants, in a romantic way, stating that â€Å"you gave me hyacinths a year ago; They called me the hyacinth girl†. However later on the poem Eliot asks, â€Å"That corpse you planted last year in your garden, has it begun to sprout?† essentially stating that beautiful flowers are not beautiful at all, but the result of death, grown from corpses (of which the would have been many, post World War 1). This was a powerful reflection on the societies disillusionment and World War 1, seeing something romantically viewed as beautiful as a result of death. The language and descriptions in The Waste Land further display the feelings of disillusionment widely felt by society post World War 1. Eliot ponders is there any life, â€Å"what branches grow† in this city, â€Å"out of this stony rubbish†. Through hisShow MoreRelated Modernism Essay801 Words   |  4 PagesModernism â€Å"An inclination to subjective distortion to point up the evanescence of the social world of the nineteenth century bourgeoisie.† -Barth, â€Å"Literature of Replenishment† ( Modernism was rebellion against not only the repressive principles of the Victorian era but also the emergence of the fast-changing, materialistic corporate society. The period precedingRead MoreThe development of the novel in the 20th century1416 Words   |  6 Pageswhich was expressed in poetry through the introduction of free verse and broken syntax. Therefore, the Modern shows its discontinuity with the past, though not completely. 4.2. Modernism and Its Alternatives Modernism implies a sense of historical discontinuity, either liberation from inherited patterns or deprivation. Modernism runs up to the mid twenties and leaves behind names like Joseph Conrad, D.H. Lawrence, E.M. Foster, Ford Maddox Ford, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein and DjurnaRead MoreSummary Of Salinger s The Catcher Rye And Franny And Zooey 1966 Words   |  8 Pagesencouraged Salinger’s writings and his overall audience. Many fans of The Catcher in the Rye related to the resentment of the insensitive, cruel, and phony elements of life. Veterans from World War ll weren’t too sure what they thought about disillusionment and hope. This was echoed by Salinger and embodied by Holden Caulfield. The was also a major contrast to affluence and conformity: the â€Å"beats†. They advocated individuality, poetry, jazz music, Zen Buddhism, and such controversial lifestyle choicesRead MoreJudith Butlers Perception of the Female in the Modern Era: Gende r Identity and the Act of Becoming in Cindy Shermans History Portraits6698 Words   |  27 Pagesher History Portraits in relation to Judith Butlers gender theory, the portrayal of the self, and how gender identity has changed throughout the course of modern history. It will examine representations of womanhood from Romantic Idealism to Post-Modernism and will also analyze how the perception of the female has changed in relation to Butlers theory of becoming. Cindy Shermans History Portraits: The Art of Becoming Butlers performative theory is rooted in the gender theory put forwardRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagessubject. This is not the case with the present book. This is a book that deserves to achieve a wide readership. Professor Stephen Ackroyd, Lancaster University, UK This new textbook usefully situates organization theory within the scholarly debates on modernism and postmodernism, and provides an advanced introduction to the heterogeneous study of organizations, including chapters on phenomenology, critical theory and psychoanalysis. Like all good textbooks, the book is accessible, well researched and readers

Management and Organization in Global Environment E-learning

Question: Discuss about the Management and Organization in Global Environment E-learning Activities . Answer: E-learning Activities Organization Worker Control The e-learning activity, which was conducted in the first week, involved the management and historical account of the Fredrick Taylor, which is regarded as one of the primary implementation of strategic work force control in an organization (Taylor et al., 2015). It provides accounts and witness from a labor to a typist whose productivity had inherently increased due to the application of the Taylor model (Shafritz, Ott and Jang 2015). Ford was deemed as one of the established automobile companies of the decade which is essentially being introduced as the flag bearer of the congruency between employee and their work performance. of Ford car by. The Vulcan Motor Company has been one of the significant car companies in Britain which relied on the social gap of the individual. Henry Ford has been one of the pioneers in setting up car in 1908, which was touted as the 20th century car for rural America. In regards to the significance of the establishment and introduction of the reorganiza tion of the Worker Control, approach established by Fredrick Taylor assured the idea that by advocating some rules on an employee in this manner might not prove to be a beneficial approach. The creativity and the strategy touted in the means of the increased production by highlighting on moving cars past the men mode have automated towards the best of the methods that have led to enhancing the assembly lines that have accrued the development of the organizational effectiveness (Waring 2016). In fact, over the years, as technology have improved there has been tremendous craftsman-ship and the potential of the assembly lines have accelerated the techniques of mass production. The feasible network of clinging conveyers and the necessary time taken to build a car was reduced to one and a half hour, which eventually lead to increase in payment or wages of the workers therefore acquiring maximal production at minimal cost. The use of Taylorism is essentially important but this cannot be availed during the operations and type of job that is performed in a Call Center. In spite of being an equally available resource, it is essential to understand that the strategic management w ill be acceptable in the work forces of America, Australia but in a limited approach as the strict concerns cannot be applied to the humanistic approach. Example of Linear Programming Word Problem Linear programming are one of the most important constituent of the rational decision making approach, which has been cited from this example in this video. It asserts to the example of a rancher, which features nutrient products of two different brands and the problem is associating the equal measures of the two constituents (Dantzig 2016). Moreover applying the programming approach in linear terms have helped in deriving the best possible solution for the rancher with a graph that involves the equation which has been equated and processed with the following supposition of x and y in terms of two elements, fat and protein. In spite of the fact that though the linear programming method is considered as a relatively better approach than the conventional means and allocation of production quantifiers in the strategic manner it also entails some limitations (Zhu, Han and Zhang 2014). This method of planning and allocating the best technique for fulfilling the objective purpose of the pr oduction figures of an organization or a firm do not engage in any kind of subjective or sociological aspects. The demographic outlook is a central motive for determining the perception of the planning procedure which linear programming method lacks (YouTube 2017). Often in many cases, it has been found that the quantum or the area specified by linear programming during its interpretation process turns out to be unequal to the resultant equations, which can cause discrepancies in the approaches. The co-efficiency factors often contribute to its limitations. Linear programming has a specific purpose, which involves the best pragmatic options, which aids in determining and developing a feasible option when there are multiple contradictory factors (Warring 2016). Linear programming can be efficiently utilized in the cases of achieving strategic business recommendations in planning and procurement of the production line. In order to generate the sustainable approach for yielding the best result are accounted the situations wherein linear programming are utilized. Conclusion The strategic management theory, which was established by Fredrick Taylor as one can call it the theory of Taylorism was incorporated in the Ford factories in Britain to attain the best of both the human as well as the infrastructural resources. It provides an insight and the witness to the management of the employees by efficiently enhancing their productivity, which can be linked to the progress of the various factors that result in the output of the Industrial Revolution. The linear programming feature on the other hand is considered as one of the primary feature for the planning and strategic coordination of the contemporary production tool. A proven example has been cited in regulation with the best practices of linear programming which has is a necessary procedure for the gaining a knowledge about the activity. It can be concluded that both the approaches used in the group activity is an accumulated integration policy about the management and organization of the global environment, which is significant for the relevancy in the study module. References Bellman, R.E. and Dreyfus, S.E., 2015.Applied dynamic programming. Princeton university press. Dantzig, G., 2016.Linear programming and extensions. Princeton university press. Shafritz, J.M., Ott, J.S. and Jang, Y.S., 2015.Classics of organization theory. Cengage Learning. Taylor, I.J., Deelman, E., Gannon, D.B. and Shields, M., 2014.Workflows for e-Science: scientific workflows for grids. Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated. Waring, S.P., 2016.Taylorism transformed: Scientific management theory since 1945. UNC Press Books. YouTube. (2017). Ford and Taylor Scientific Management (Edited). YouTube. (2017). Linear Programming Word Problem - Example 1. Zhu, S., Han, Q.L. and Zhang, C., 2014. l1-gain performance analysis and positive filter design for positive discrete-time Markov jump linear systems: A linear programming approach.Automatica,50(8), pp.2098-2107.

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Lab Report on Respiratory Physiology Essay Example

Lab Report on Respiratory Physiology Paper Timer (with a second hand) Glass Urinary and Salivary pH (litmus) paper Drinking straw Procedures: 1. Measure 2 ounces of water in a glass. Obtain the pH of the water in the glass. Record the water pH prior to experiment. Have the subject blow air through the straw into the water and keep blowing into the water for 2 minutes inhaling between exhalations. The subject should be breath as normal as possible while doing this activity. Measure and record the pH of the water in the glass. 3. Empty the water from the glass and refill it with fresh water. Have the subject do vigorous exercise for 5 minutes. 4. Immediately after exercise have the subject blow into the water for 2 minutes (inhaling between exhalations). Measure and record the pH of the water in the glass. 5. Empty the water from the glass and refill it with fresh water. Have the subject rest for 5 minutes. 6. Have the subject blow in the water for 2 minutes (inhaling between exhalations). Measure and record the pH of the water in the glass. Analysis and Data: 1. The pH of the water measured is close to a 7 on the pH scale. 2. After the subject blew air into the straw, the pH of the water was about 5 on the pH scale at first, but then turned neutral again. The subject did vigorous exercise for 5 minutes. 4. The pH of the water after the subject was exercising was about 6-7. 5. After refilling a new glass of water, the pH of the fresh water was about 6. We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report on Respiratory Physiology specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report on Respiratory Physiology specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report on Respiratory Physiology specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer